behrotest® Equipment for Sample Preparation in the Determination of the Hydrocarbon Index IAW ISO 9377-2 or DEV H 53

behrotest® Extraction Unit

behrotest® PFL sample bottles are ideal for performing the direct extraction in accordance with the new standard method. Moreover, their solid glass stoppers offer a decisive advantage in safety and handling.

The behrotest® separator facilitates the separation of the organic phase. The components of the system are easily separated. This enables the user to eqasily and quickly transfer the organic phase in one step to a clean-up column. Moreover, the disassembled components are easily cleaned.

behrotest® Columns and Twin-stand for the Clean-up Step

The behrotest® clean-up columns with glass frit comply exactingly with the ISO 9377-2 specifications.

The practical twin-stand provides secure support for two complete clean-up units, each consisting of separation bulb, clean-up column and Kuderna-Danish flask. Thus, the clean-up procedure can be simultaneously conducted on two samples - without delays due to time-consuming equipment or sample manipulation.

behrotest® Nitrogen Station for the Evaporative Concentration Step.

The two stage concentration of the organic phase is concluded by evaporating the extract down to less than 1 ml under a mild nitrogen stream.

In the behrotest® nitrogen station, the nitrogen flow is led, by means of two gas delivery tubes (each with independently adjustable flow regulator), into the two Kuderna-Danish flasks. Thus, two samples can be simultaneously evaporated by the ISO 9377-2 method.

Ordering Information:

Description Model Stock No.
Extraction unit, consisting of a 1 l sample bottle with solid glass stopper and 60 ml separation bulb EX 1000 804800202
Clean-up station for two simultaneous samples. Consists of stand, 2 graduated 100 ml evaporation flasks and 2 clean-up columns with 40-100µm pore dia. Frits. CUS 2 804800203
Nitrogen station for the evaporative concentration of 2 samples simultaneously. Individually adjustable nitrogen flow for each sample. KOSTA 804800204

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